Guidebook & podcasts

Pedagogical Guidebook & Podcasts “Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Intersectionality. Impact, challenges and opportunities”
-SO1: to present the value of positive representation for underrepresented communities in entrepreneurship;
-SO2: to scrutinise on challenges that women entrepreneurs in underrepresented communities face in partners’ national context;
-SO3: to present the theoretical framework of intersectionality;
-SO4: to investigate how the psychology of failure and success can play a significant role in entrepreneurship; and
-SO5: to prove that failure is a part of every role model’s success story.

Serious Game

Serious Game for the Promotion of Women Entrepreneurs from Underrepresented Comunities.
-SO1: to increase the visibility of women entrepreneurs who belong to underrepresented communities, such as refugees, migrants, LGBTQ, including those with disabilities;
-SO2: to fight stereotypes about these women’s background, skills and competencies;
-SO3: to empower LGBTQ women, and women of ethnic background, including those with disabilities, to become entrepreneurs through quality Role models away from detrimental gendered entrepreneurial values;
-SO4: to help everyone foster essential soft skills that women entrepreneurs with marginalised backgrounds have;
-SO5: to update the pedagogical material of Youth organisations with a more gamified educational approach;
-SO6: To help potential entrepreneurs get acquainted with entrepreneurial concepts and theories through vivid examples of their practical implications.

e-Learning Training Module

Serious Game for the Promotion of Women Entrepreneurs from Underrepresented Comunities.
-SO1: to present examples of women entrepreneurs that belong to underrepresented and marginalised communities and how they became successful regardless of the challenges they faced;
-SO2: to help professionals in the youth sector improve their skills on how to train future entrepreneurs to transform their challenges into success;
-SO3: to transform youth into successful entrepreneurs extolling the virtues of learning from failure as a valuable teacher;
-SO4: to raise awareness on the advantages of learning from failure in the youth sector and start recognising challenges as part of a learning process to a success story;
-SO5: to introduce a framework of principles related to the above points within an inclusive e-Learning Module

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